RandS Transparent Burglar Bars

Affordable,Beautiful,Clear Security Barriers

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Transparent burglar bars are Affordable, Beautiful, Clear security bars
Made from Polycarbonate, the strongest thermoplastic in the world, its has been extensively tested my the Military in Riot shields and safety domes. Other uses for polycarbonate include airplane & rocket ship windows ,bulletproof panels and bank enclosures.

Our bars provide security with out spoiling your views or making you feel like you are in a prisonThey are insurance approved increases the value of your property and will never rust.

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The bars have a tensile breaking strength of 3000kgs and is virtually indestructible.
As mountings are usually the weakest point of any security barrier,our installers are fully trained and installations are done to an international standard.
The 5mm x 30mm bars enhance any window ,can fitted either vertically or horizontally and are finished off neatly with colour coded caps.


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